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Cookies and Privacy Information

In order to optimise the display of photographs to fit on your computer screen, this website has detected your computer's screen resolution (the width and height of your monitor in pixels) and saved it in a session cookie on your computer and in a database on

Which pages on collect this information?

The home page (index.php) and the main photo gallery page (gallery.php) are programmed to collect this information.

Only one record will be saved to the database for your visit to For example, if you first arrived at the home page and then subsequently visit the photo gallery, your screen resolution will only be recorded once.

What is a session cookie?

A session cookie is a small text file saved on your computer by a website which contains information required for the website to operate correctly, along with a randomly generated unique identifier. In the case of, the information the session cookie needs to store is your computer's screen resolution and the fact that it has been recorded in the database.

Unlike a regular cookie which will remain on your computer until you or the website explicitly delete it, a session cookie will automatically be deleted when you close your web browser.

How does use the information collected?

The information collected in the session cookie will be used by the website to determine the size of the large photographs displayed in the photo galleries. The larger your screen resolution, the bigger the photos that can be displayed. In other words, the website needs to ensure that the large photographs can fill your web browser window.

Information collected in the database is limited to your screen resolution and the date/time of your visit to the website. No other information is collected. This data will be used to inform decisions about the ongoing design and development of For example, we need to know how many users are viewing the website on a mobile phone, a laptop, or a large 24 inch desktop computer monitor. This information will allow to deliver the best viewing experience to its users.

I consent to this information being collected and stored.

If you are happy for this information to be collected and stored, and don't wish to see the message on the home page again during this visit to, please click on the "I consent" button below. The website will save another piece of information in the session cookie so it knows not to display the message on the home page again during this visit.

I don't consent to this information being collected and stored.

If you don't consent to this information being collected and stored, close your web browser and the session cookie will automatically be deleted.

As the information collected in the database is completely anonymous (your IP address has not been recorded), you cannot be identified from it and therefore the record relating to your visit cannot be deleted.