Andy Goodall

About me

I am a self-taught photographer living in West Yorkshire.

My main interest is taking photographs in towns and cities where I try to create interestingly composed pictures. When possible I prefer to photograph when there are cloudless blue skies.

However as you will see from the Gallery, I do also take other types of photographs.

I have had several exhibitions of my urban photography, and you will find details of these by clicking here.

The images in these exhibitions are a mixture of film and digital using entry-level Single Lens Reflex and compact cameras. As I like to travel light, the exhibition images have not been taken using any accessories and only use the camera's standard kit lens. All the pictures are hand-held (I never use a tripod) and the only filters used are skylight filters to protect the lenses on the SLR cameras.

I hope these exhibition pictures demonstrate that it is possible to create reasonably good images without having to use expensive cameras or a large amount of equipment.